No one prepares us for death, especially the death of our children.  The intense pain following the death of a child leaves many families overwhelmed and unsure where to turn for relief.  The comfort of finding others who have experienced a similar loss can be a resource for coping with such a devastating loss.
This grief journey will most likely involve shock, denial, anger, guilt, frustration, loneliness, depression, and despair.  There is no one straight path to recovery, and there will be steps forward and backward occurring for a long time, possibly years.  There is no single solution for resolving this loss but allowing yourself to grieve helps you understand some of the feelings you are experiencing.  It is a process, not a single act, of recognizing your response to this traumatic loss and seeking ways to cope with the multitude of feelings.
The sharing of grief assists families in learning how to live with their loss and how to achieve a positive resolution of this grief.  We learn to reinvest energy into other activities that have meaning.  Each person does this in their own way and in their own time frame. 
Life will never fully return to the way it was when your child was alive, but The Compassionate Friends organization is united in the motto,  "WE Need Not Walk Alone."  This friendship and understanding from others who have walked this simillar path can help you survive this difficult and overwhelming painful experience and help you to heal.
                       Let Us Help . . .            Meeting on the third Thursday of each month               
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                                                                 Comprehensive library 
                                                                 Memorial Day remembrance gathering 
                                                                 December Candle lighting service and remembrance 
                                                                 Yearly memorial walk  
                                                                 Occasional guest speakers 
                                                                 Social events                                                                                                                       
 The journey from grief to hope
     does not happen swiftly
  But it happens
    if you will let your heart
           ride along.
          by sascha.