All meetings are in person and held at Monona Lutheran Church, 4411 Monona Dr, Madison.  They usually last until 8:30, though there is time after to connect with others.
 Future Compassionate Friends Meetings
    February 15th, 2024 - Please bring a picture or image that describes where you are in your grief.  You can print a picture or draw, color, paint one - whatever speaks to you. This article is an example for you. (you may need to copy this in order to see it).
      March 21st, 2024 
        April  18th, 2024
         May 16th, 2024 
         May 27th, 2024 (Memorial Day)  We will be holding our      annual Memorial Day service and picnic at Vilas Park Shelter. 
        July July 12 - 14 TCF National Conference in New Orleans.     Contact Jim Nosal for further information
For your information
Our Children names that are on the benches at Vilas Park are being added to boards on the bridges.  So far the names that were added from 1994 - 2015 are on the bridge.  The names from 2016-2019 will be added this spring/summer.  We will start collecting new names once all the names are placed.  There is no cost for this and as yet we have no person to contact, but will soon.  Our current benches will be replaced once all the names have been added.