All meetings are in person and held at Monona Lutheran Church, 4411 Monona Dr, Madison.  They usually last until 8:30, though there is time after to connect with others.
ATTENTION: TONIGHT'S MEETING, February 23rd,  will be held.  Some roads are pretty clear, but if you feel your area is not clear, please don't venture out. 
March 16, 2023  Meeting 7:00 p.m.  Topic - Honor - how to honor our child no longer here.  you can bring something they have had or done (pictures of them, writings) or something you have done since they died (quilts, writings, donations, etc.
April 20th, 2023  Meeting 7:00 p.m. Topic - Healing
 May 29th, 2023 We will be holding a Memorial Day Service (the first in 3 years).
It will be held at the Vilas Park shelter at 11 AM.  The shelter is across the bridge toward Lake Wingra; parking is next to the shelter.  The service lasts about an hour; after that we will have our picnic.  Please bring a dish to pass to accommodate the size of your family.  There are electric outlets for hot dishes.  Cup, plates, utensils, coffee and lemonade will be provided.  Parents, grandparents, sibling and friends are all welcome. This may be the last year to view the benches, as the names of our children will be put on plaques on the bridge by the parks department.
July 7th-9th TCF National Conference in Denver, Colorado